Jonathon Hall
Creative Professional
Jonathon Hall
Creative Professional

Jonathon Hall

Freelance Creative

I love to get involved in anything that allows me to be creative, whether that's creative in an artistic way or in creating a strategy to help build a brand's online visibility.

I always enjoy being busy with a project either in my day job or from my freelance writing & photography

My Skills

My Skills

  • 100%

    Tea Making

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    On Site SEO

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  • 90%


  • 90%

    Social Media

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    Brand Development

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    Blog Writing

My Current Work

My Current Work

  • Digital Manager
    Princeton Consumer Research
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    My current full time day job is with Princeton Consumer Research. Based in the UK and the USA
    I look after all the brand's online presence, social media, website and SEO.

    The company is a global Clinical Testing house working for some of the largest organisations in the world, I am lucky to be the main photographer taking care of before and after images of subjects on clinical trials for use in the worlds media for the leading cosmetic brands on the planet
  • Contributor
    Smell My Clutch
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    Smell My Clutch is a group of working motoring journalists who provide copy to the UK's leading mainstream press and specialist magazines & websites.

    I have always enjoyed writing and cars are a huge passion of mine so I was lucky to become a part of the group where I can actually work in a dream job, albeit at the entry level
  • Features Writer
    Essex Style Magazine
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    Essex Style Magazine is located in my hometown in Essex. As a local with appropriate skills I was approached by the team at the magazine to see if I could add anything to product.

    I always enjoy any outlet that allows me to be creative so this has been great for me.
    I have written many articles for the magazine from restaurant reviews to general editorial, I have also covered some of the UK's largest music festivals as a photographer.
  • Event Photography
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    Having many friends who work in PR has been advantage to me many times in the past for freelance work referrals.

    The main freelance work I do for PR agencies apart from SEO is as an event photographer.
    These are mostly media events,corporate parties, AGM's and special occasions
  • SEO & PPC Manager
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    The British Surrogacy Centre is one of the largest surrogacy agencies in America and have helped hundreds of couples to become parents.
    I mange all of the on-site SEO and PPC activities for them.
    Managing the PPC is an exciting challenge as they work worldwide where laws differ greatly, China for example is an exciting challenge to maximise PPC ROI
  • Wordpress Manager
    Aldanat Group
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    The Aldanat Care group is one of the leading care providers in the UK specialising in residential care for people with mental health problems
    The group requires websites to cover their various care homes and activities, and I set them all up for them using the wordpress platform

More About Me

I often hear people call me a ‘jack of all trades’ but I have never agreed with it. I have always believed that to be the best at what you do for work then you need to be passionate about it. And as I’m passionate about many things it’s only right that I work in several areas,  to be able to work doing things I enjoy makes me a very lucky person.
jonathon hall seoMy early career saw me working in retail and sales account management but I was always focused on being able to work doing what I love. So I studied hard to learn all about working with WordPress, once I had that down and had worked for many freelance clients I found out that I had a real passion for SEO. So I worked hard to become an SEO magician. Taking a website from zero to hero gives me a great feeling of accomplishment but not as much as knowing that the company is making money because of my work.

SEO will always be a part of my life and so will my creative projects. I love writing and am lucky enough to be regularly published. I have written many food reviews for some fantastic restaurants and I have covered many great events. But the writing I am most passionate about are the motoring news and reviews articles that I write for media use around the world. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that people enjoy reading something that I put a lot of work in to.

For me photography is one of my favourite creative outlets, I have been a passionate photographer for many years. My current day job with a clinical research company allowed me the opportunity to set up a photographic studio to take before and after photos of cosmetic treatments for use in the worlds largest press outlets for some of the biggest cosmetic companies on the planet. It’s a huge responsibility and I enjoy it immensely.
I also have rather a lot of freelance photography work that I do for PR companies. I cover many large corporate events, product launches and other business occasions.

I love what I do, not just because of the rewarding experiences I have but because all of my work involves helping companies move forward in a way where there are measurable results.

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